Finding and sorting super

max’s Super Sorters to the rescue!

Once you’re a max member, you’ll have a dedicated expert to help get your super sorted and into one account with max. It’s one of our best tricks. In fact, many of our members’ rollovers wouldn’t have happened without our Super Sorters’ help.

Our max Super Sorters can

  • Locate your lost superannuation
  • Make it quicker to transfer your old super funds to max
  • Explain the rollover process in simple and friendly language
  • Take the hassle out of managing it all yourself!

Why get your super together in the one account?

  • You’ll probably save on fees, which means more money in your pocket when you retire
  • There’s less paperwork for you to deal with
  • Managing your super will be easier

Why is this one of our best tricks?

Because nothing is too much of a hassle for our friendly Super Sorters. They don’t rest until all your requested super accounts are moved across to max!

Ready to get your super sorted?

Or if you’re a max member just contact a Super Sorter, or fill out a Rollover form. Before moving any old super you should check to see if there are any benefits that you may lose (such as insurance).

max’s Super Sorters have found lost super for one in four of our members.