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Max Super Fees

The following table shows the fees and other costs you may be charged for investing in the MySuper option of Max Super and can be used to compare costs between different superannuation products. The fees and costs may be deducted from your account or from investment returns regardless if there are positive investment returns on the funds. More detailed information about Max Super can be found in the Product Disclosure Statement and Reference Guide.

Investment fee 0.102% For every $50,000 you have in the MySuper Option you will be charged $51 each year.
PLUS Administration fees 1.023% p.a And, you will be charged $511 in administration fees deducted from the assets before unit prices are calculated.
PLUS Indirect costs for the MySuper Option 0.003% And, indirect costs of $1.50 each year will be deducted from your investment.
EQUALS Cost of product If your balance was $50,000, then for that year you will be charged fees of $564 for the MySuper Option.

You may also incur a buy/sell spread cost when your money moves in or out of the Plan or when you switch between different investment options. See the Reference Guide for more information about the buy/sell spread, adviser and other service fees. The ICR incorporates GST after taking into account any expected input tax credits.

* Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement and Reference Guide for additional information on the types of fees and costs charged by the Fund (e.g. buy/sell spread and activity fees).