Super is probably one of your biggest assets, so now that you’re in a top super fund, we want to help you manage and grow it.

Find & sort

Having your super in one spot is smart. It can protect your super dollars from being eaten away by multiple fees, and that means more in your max Super account for retirement.

Contribute & build

So you’ve already got a bit of super and with regular employer contributions coming in, you’re set for a cashed up retirement right? Well the truth is that 9.5% of your salary may not be enough. But there are easy ways to add a bit extra to your super to really make a difference.

Investment options

As your life changes it’s smart to review your investments and this includes your max Super account. What stage of life are you at? What type of investor are you? Review your investment options to get the most out of retirement.


Did you know that there is an underinsurance problem in Australia? Most Aussies don’t have enough insurance cover to look after their families in the instance of a death or illness. Have you thought about adding insurance cover to your max Super account?