Choosing investment options

max offers three ways to select your investment options

Whether you’re an investment guru or prefer to take a back seat, max offers an investment option to suit you.

Option 1 – Go with the default fund (the Max MySuper fund)

When you join the Plan through your employer, if you don’t actively choose one of the investment options your super will be invested in the MySuper investment option.  This option is known as the default investment option for that reason. The MySuper investment option is designed to be a good investment approach for most people, and aims to deliver strong long term returns.


Option 2 – Select one of our five pre-mixed funds

Do you know a bit about investing and what levels of risk you’re comfortable with? Check out our five pre-mixed funds.


Option 3 – Create your own mix

If you know what you’re doing when it comes to investing and would like to choose your own combination of asset types or pre-mixed funds, you’ll probably like our ‘Choose your own adventure’ option.