Making contributions

A super account isn’t much good unless it keeps on growing for your retirement. Here are some easy ways to contribute to your max Super account.

1. Tell your boss where to stick it

Employer Contributions. If you’re employed, you’ll probably want to nominate max Super as your fund of choice so that your employer contributes the compulsory 9.5% of your income to your max account. All you need to do is complete a Standard Choice Form. Send this back to us and we’ll then contact your employer to let them know how to make regular contributions into your account.

Salary Sacrifice. If you’re employed and want to contribute more than the compulsory 9.5%, you can ask your employer to make regular additional contributions from your pre-tax salary, directly into your max Super account. Have a chat with your employer to see if this is something they offer – it can be a really tax effective way to turbo charge your super.

2. Make personal contributions

Regular contributions. You can make regular contributions from your after-tax income directly from your bank account via direct debit. It’s an easy way to keep your super growing. Just download a Direct Debit form.

One-off contributions. You can make one off personal contributions directly into your max Super account anytime, using your own internet banking, with BPAY or by sending us a cheque. You can even take your piggy bank into your local Westpac branch if you like!


Normally you can tell your employer where you want your super to be paid. But in some cases, it depends on your employment contract. If you don’t make a choice or tell your employer where you want your super paid, they’ll pay your contributions into their preferred super fund.