Member FAQ
  • Just click here and we’ll get you signed up straight away, or;
  • Give one of the friendly max Team a call on 1300 629 787 and we’ll walk you through the process (no leads attached).

Once you’ve joined max, our specialised team of max Super Sorters will search for any old or lost super you may have lying around and roll it into your max account.

  • If you’d like to talk about rolling some of your old super funds into max, give one of our friendly max Super Sorters a call on 1300 629 787 (8:30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday).
  • If you love paperwork, you can do all the hard work for us, just download a max Super Rollover form and send to us.

There are two ways you can check your max Super account balance:

  • Hop online and have a peek in member access, just click here.
  • Call one of the friendly max Team on 1300 629 787 and they’ll clarify any details.

The share market is down which means that due to higher market volatility, investment returns have taken a hit. Various factors have contributed to the turbulence, one of these being the volatility in global markets and another is the possibility of a recession in the US.

Remember that markets go up and down over time and super is a long term investment so it’s important not to pay too much attention to short term market movements. There’s probably plenty of time for markets to come back up again before you need to dip into your super for retirement. However, it’s always a good idea to get professional financial advice if you are nearing retirement or want more advice.

It is important that you supply max with your Tax File Number. As of 1 July 2007, if we don’t have your tax file number:

  • employer contributions made to your account may be taxed at the top marginal rate of 45% excluding Medicare
  • you won’t be able to make any voluntary contributions to your super account

Supplying us with your tax file number also means any Government co-contributions you may be eligible for can be paid quickly and correctly.

You can send your tax file number to us by:

  • contacting the max Team (email or phone).
  • jumping onto your online account and updating your details.
  • You can log into your online account anytime to change or update your account details. If you can’t remember your password give us a buzz and we’ll issue you with a new one. Too easy.
  • Or contact the friendly max Team (email or phone).

So you’re changing jobs…congratulations! And don’t want to change super funds…understandable!

Keeping your super together in one account makes sense, and most people can choose to nominate where their super goes, even when they change jobs. So if you’d like your new employer to continue making contributions to your max account, you’ll need to:

  • Let your new employer know your choice of super fund is max Super
  • Do this by completing an ATO Standard Choice Form and giving it to your employer
  • Provide some info to your new employer on making payments to max. You can download the Compliance Letter which should also be given to your employer.

Smart boss. All you need to do is let your employer know you’re already a max Super member, and provide them with your member number.

If you don’t already have a MAX Super employer number, Get your employer number here. Alternatively you can contact our friendly staff on or 1300 629 787 Just tell them the name of your company and they will give you an employer number.

Step 1: Tell us your contribution details

  • The Online way: Login to your secure online account to submit contribution details each time you make a payment.
  • The SuperStream way:  Submit your super contributions via our Clearing House services. Click here if you already setup an account.
  • SuperStream for small employers: If you have less than 20 Employees you can use the free Small Business Superannuation Clearing House (SBCH) provided by the Australian Government. You can find information about the SBCH at

Step 2: Make your payment to max

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Make your payment to max Super’s bank account:

  • Bank: Westpac Banking Corp.
  • BSB: 033152
  • Acc No: 264225
  • Acc Ref: Your max Super employer number

Note: It’s important to quote your employer number in the reference so we can match payments to your contribution details correctly.


If using BPAY®, we’ll provide you with a unique reference number. You can find this by signing into your online account or by giving one of the max Team a call on 1300 629 787 before making your first payment.

Firstly, you should log in to your account and check to see how regularly your employer is making contributions. Legally, they must be done every quarter at a minimum. If your employer hasn’t made your contribution within that time frame, the money may have been sent to the ATO. You should always check with your employer first, and then contact the ATO. More information

The Goverment Co-contribution has been set up by the Australian Government to help Aussies boost their super. More information

Count your lucky stars… because you don’t actually need to apply for the super Co-contribution! All you need to do is make at least one personal superannuation contribution during the year to max. The ATO will then use the information on your income tax return to work out whether you’re eligible. If you are, the government will automatically calculate the co-contribution amount and deposit it into your superannuation account after you’ve lodged your Tax Return

You can apply to increase your level of insurance cover at any time. Just complete the Insurance form which will be assessed by max’s insurer. Depending on how much cover you want, you may have to provide additional info about your health (but that’s okay, right?!).

Have a gripe you’d like to share? A few compliments to make? We want to know:

  • Call us on 1300 629 787 or;
  • Email us at

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