Consolidate your super

You may have moved jobs a few times. Or states. Had a career change or three. Done contract work for a while. And don’t forget that dodgy telemarketing job you had while you were at Uni.

If that sounds like you, chances are you’ve got a fair chunk of lost or forgotten super languishing in multiple funds, being slowly eaten away by fees. You know you should get your act together and consolidate it all. But who’s got the time or energy to go chasing it up? max has!


Why get your super together?

  • You’ll probably save on fees, which means more money in your pocket when you retire.
  • You can change jobs as often as you like and all your super stays in the same spot.
  • Managing your super will be easier with one account.

Multiple superannuation funds are a costly affair

Have multiple super accounts? You’re not the only one. 43% of Australians have two or more super accounts according to the ATO.


Before moving your old super, you may wish to consider things like insurance entitlements.