English, please! Making sense of all the “Super Speak”.



Almost always the first word. It’s a weird little animal, not a dog.

Accumulated Benefits

Your Super (see Super below).


The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority. The regulator of the superannuation industry (as well as the banking and insurance industries).


The Australian Securities & Investments Commission. The regulator of Australian Financial Services Licensees, companies and managed investment schemes.


The Australian Taxation Office AKA The Taxman.

Business Day

Means a day other than a national public holiday or weekend.


What we like doing best, on the phone and online, of course.


The money – deposited into the fund by you or on your behalf.

Employment Termination Payment (ETP)

A payment made to an employee when they leave their current employment, which may be rolled over into a complying super fund in certain circumstances.


max Super (who else?).

High Fees

Sorry, don’t know what this means…? Check with other Super Funds.

The Insurer

AIA Australia. The company who provide insurance to max Super members.

Investment Manager

BlackRock. The ones who invest the money. You remember – these are the guys with trillions of $ under management.

Investment Option

The options available to you as a member. You can go with the default MySuper option, select one of our 5 pre-mixed blends, or choose your own adventure with any mix of asset sector options & pre-mixed options.


You (if you decide to join). Come on, give it a go.


Moolah, dosh, scratch, bread, dough, coin…


Product Disclosure Statement. You can download by clicking here.


What you pay to be covered by insurance.


Max Super Pty Ltd (ABN: 57 115 735 683), the entity responsible for marketing and promoting the fund.

Preservation Rules

Rules prescribed under Superannuation Law that restricts people accessing their Super until certain events occur.


The process of transferring super from one fund to another (one of max’s best tricks).

Sneaky Fees

Something max doesn’t have… but many other funds do. These include Exit Fees, Entry Fees, Contribution Fees, Switching Fees… none of which you’ll find at max.


Where we refer to “your Super” or “your max Super“, we are referring to the money in the fund which belongs to you. In other words, your contributions plus your earnings on investments less the fees, costs and insurance premiums you pay. This is what other super funds usually call “accumulated benefits” just to confuse things…

Superannuation Law

The legislation that applies to superannuation funds, including the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 and Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Regulations 1994 and the Corporations Act 2001, and all of the rulings, determinations and directions given in relation to superannuation by the authorities that supervise superannuation. The relevant authorities include APRA, ASIC and the ATO.

Trust Deed

The document that sets out the rules for how the fund is operated.

The Trustee

Tidswell Financial Services Ltd ABN 55 010 810 607. These are the guys responsible for operating the Fund properly and honestly. The buck stops here.