Lost superannuation

Lost a billion dollars recently? Did you know there’s nearly $12 billion of lost super out there, in some 6.1 million lost accounts – and some of it may be yours!


How is your superannuation lost?

  • If your old superannuation account hasn’t received any contributions for 5 years or;
  • If your old superannuation fund doesn’t have your current postal address and cannot contact you.

If one of the above applies, your old fund must report your account to a national database known as the ‘Lost Members Register’, administered by the Australian Taxation office (ATO).

So if you’ve worked since 1992 and changed jobs, address or even had a name change, you could be one of the millions of Australians with unclaimed or lost superannuation. Why not join¬†max and get our Super Sorters to go out and see what we can dig up?


How can max help?

Once you open an account with max Super, you’ll have a dedicated expert to help get your super sorted and into one account with max.

We use your Tax File Number as a unique identifier to match you to the national Lost Members Register.